The Paideia Fellowship Liberal Arts Program Curriculum Overview

Our liberal arts program is a partnership between students, homeschooling parents, and teachers. It is an integrative humanities experience built around the great books and art of our world and the language liberal arts. Our curriculum is a great books curriculum, which means the literature leads. In history, we give particular emphasis to encountering the spirit of a nation and the imagination of a time through living books and stories, rather than memorizing facts and using textbooks. Students will study, read, think, and write about the literature, ideas, history, and culture of that time. Specific and useful writing and language instruction complete the breadth of this class. 

Community-Wide History Cycle

Year 1: Ancient History (Greek/Roman/Christian)

Year 2: European History (Medieval/Renaissance)

Year 3: Early Modern (Exploration, Enlightenment, and World Revolutions)

Year 4: Moderns/American History

Middle School

The middle-school years are those years of beautiful transition from childhood to young adulthood. The Paideia Fellowship Middle School liberal arts program is a unique two-year course of study which supports this transition and prepares students for the great books curriculum in 9th-12th grades. Content, skills, and ideas increase in depth and breadth as they move through the course of study and their journey of becoming independent truth-seekers.

*The Middle School Program accepts students in 7th – 9th grades. (9th graders can enroll in either the middle school or high school program, depending on their skill level.)