What's Included

What is Included:

  • A well-researched curriculum and classical course of study
  • Trained Classical Teachers
  • Rich, Live Classes filled with instruction, discussion, and fellowship
  • Course of Study that situates what we study in light of world history rather than a Eurocentric point of view.
  • Meaningful Assessment
  • All Classes Recorded and available in Canvas, our virtual classroom.
  • All assignments, materials, and class correspondence will be found in Canvas, our virtual classroom.
  • All syllabi, assignments, projects, teaching, and assessment, completed by the teacher.
  • Transcripts and course descriptions made available at the end of the year for each student
  • Parents receive free registration to all Paideia Fellowship training, workshops, and courses for adults.
  • Parents receive one free Membership to the Paideia Fellowship membership Site (Course of Study Plans for 1st-12th grades + Classical Teacher Training at its Most Accessible!) (Membership Site launching September 2020)
  • Parents receive free access to the private Facebook group just for parents of students enrolled in our Online homeschool community.
  • Digital Copy of the PFHC Parent Handbook/Learning Guide

Total High School Classes/Credits: 4 High School Credits

  • English/Literature, 1 Core Credit
  • World History, Ancient Civilizations, 1 Core Credit
  • Traditional Logic, 0.5 Elective Credit
  • Oratory, 0.5 Elective Credit

Cost Details:

  • Cost if each course was Sold Separately: $2457
  • Bundled Cost: $1500 (Savings: $957)
  • Pay all at Once, by the Semester, or Monthly.
  • Seats Available: 16
  • Note: Due to the integrative nature of the classes, all bundled classes must be taken together.

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