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Would you like your 10th, 11th, or 12th-grade student to take Lost Tools of Writing Level II next year, but they have not taken Level I? This summer Paideia Fellowship is offering a Lost Tools of Writing Level I class that will help your student gain the skills and understanding necessary to succeed in Level II.

Without a reliable encounter with the ideas and practices in Level I, a student will experience frustration and failure as they attempt to learn and write judicial essays in Level II. Once, however, they gain the skills and understanding, students will reach new milestones in their thinking, reading, and writing. They will experience the joy of success and a greater mastery of words.

Join us this summer in a structured, joyful, and moderately paced Lost Tools of Writing Level I Summer class.

Dates: June 15th - July 30th, 2020 (7 Weeks)

Class Days: Mondays and Thursdays

Class Times: 11:00am -12:15pm EST

Platform: Zoom for live meetings and Canvas for Assignments and Assessment.

Required Text: Lost Tools of Writing Level 1, 5th Edition, Student Workbook

Cost: One payment of $240 or two payments of $120

Your Instructor

Jennifer Dow
Jennifer Dow

Jennifer Dow is a classical teacher, speaker, consultant, and writer. Jennifer has completed the CiRCE Apprenticeship as a CiRCE certified Classical Teacher and has taught humanities, logic, rhetoric, and the fine arts since 2009. She is the Paideia Fellowship founder, an organization devoted to helping teachers and leaders, at home and school, teach the classical liberal arts.

Jennifer was a contributing author for The Lost Tools of Writing Level I. She has written dozens of articles, appeared on several podcasts, and spoken at events and conferences around the country. Here are a few places you can find her works and interviews.

  • CiRCE Institute
  • Scholé Groups
  • Afterthoughts
  • The Classical Homeschool Podcast
  • Your Morning Basket Podcast with Pam Barnhill
  • The Homeschool Solutions Show with Pam Barnhill
  • The Commons Podcast with Brian Phillips
  • Thriving Students, Happy Parents Summit

Currently, Jennifer is writing her first book about classical teaching and serves as the program director and high school teacher for Paideia Fellowship Homeschool Community. Lastly, Jennifer continues researching, writing, and speaking about how parents, leaders, and teachers can provide an authentic classical education to all.

Jennifer, an Orthodox Christian, lives in North Carolina with her three children and enjoys spoken word poetry, trying her hand at fancy cuisine, collecting more books than she'll ever read, and the occasional Netflix binge.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my student misses a class?
All classes are recorded and available for viewing upon request. With that said, we do ask that students make every effort to be present, as it provides the best opportunity to grow in skills and understanding.
Do you grade their work, or will a parent need to grade the work?
Teachers will grade all essays by providing written or verbal feedback. Additionally, teachers will give an end of course report, which summarizes a student's work and provides instructions for how to translate teacher feedback into transcript form.

Christian classical education is a vehicle that ushers humans toward deep healing and transformation. It is the birthright of every living soul to encounter this transformation and flourish. Sure, students who learn this way will have an impressive transcript, be college-ready, and shine in the workforce, but they will, more importantly, become more themselves, notice the humanity of others, seek understanding instead of remaining in ignorance, and rule themselves like the best of kings and queens. At the end of the day, this restructuring of priorities and a focus on the true, good, and beautiful leads to a life of wholeness and fulfillment, a life of “more than we could ask or imagine.”

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