Writing, Logic, & Oratory

In logic and writing, students receive formal writing instruction through studied dictation and advanced narrations, the four primary forms of the essay, the progymnasmata, and informal logic. The content of their writing is whatever they are studying in history and literature. The focus in middle school is to show the students the vital connection between writing and reading as well as build their skill repository for a multitude of writing projects.

The end of rhetoric in the classical tradition is the play, the speech, and the recitation. In oratory, students will learn how to use their memory to get to know a piece by heart and perform it well. Students achieve these objectives through three units throughout the year: The Poem, The Speech, and The Play.

Books & Resources

  • Informal Logic, by Classical Academic Press
  • Grammar reference. We recommend a subscription to Grammar Planet and Harvey’s Grammar or Our Mother Tongue by Nancy Wilson.
  • Writing Lessons are taken from Know & Tell by Karen Glass & Various Progymnasmata Resources: Specific Writing text TBD
  • Shakespeare Play, TBD
  • Oratory Resource, TBD